About IoT Acceleration Lab

In October 2015, the IoT Acceleration Lab was founded under the IoT Acceleration Consortium. Since then, based on the three principles of the Lab (growth potential/leadership, dissemination potential (openness), and commitment to society), it has scouted and selected individual IoT projects to provide full supports in terms of corporate collaboration, funding and regulations. It has also worked on improving the environment such as regulatory reform, system reforms and system formation for large-scale social implementation.

From April 2019, centering around the efforts of the “Local IoT Acceleration Lab,” the Lab will promote regional exchanges, information sharing, networking, etc. aiming for joint development/cooperation for the efforts related to IoT, Big Data, AI, etc.

IoT Acceleration Consortium

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(Reference) Efforts of IoT Acceleration Lab up to FY2018

The following is an outline of the efforts of the IoT Acceleration Lab up to FY2018.

outline of the efforts of the IoT Acceleration Lab

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